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I'm Destiny, and I am a part of the ♥ VULTURE CULTURE ♥
Image and video hosting by TinyPic This is my hobby. All of my bones are scavenged from the wild / roadkill. I do not support the killing of an animal, and certainly don't do it myself.
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[I always answer privately, unless anon of course] ✧・゚*

One of the hunter dump skulls. It’s actually really huge! I’m only missing 4 teeth!! It looks so good. I love this baby.

Giveaway time!

The winner is.. r0bot-c0ffee!

If they don’t respond in 48 hours it’ll move on to someone else.

uvu thank you all for participating this won’t be the last giveaway promise.

Rainy day’s make everything smell worse.

Rainy day’s make everything smell worse.


In checking out both death piles and the worm bin today to monitor decomposition, I discovered an array of beautiful dermestid beetles and their larvae in all three locations. These are a wild native variety of dermestids that feed on most any manner of decay, but they are obviously partial to dead bodies. I guess this means I won’t need to order a captive-raised colony this year after all! 

I literally cannot believe how awesome and effective the death piles have been. The fact that a well-tended one is also stink-free is an added bonus, and the grass around the piles is growing at an accelerated rate, so evidently, seepage from the pile is no concern to the local plant life, and is actually benefiting it. I wish I’d had the means to create one of these things sooner in life - I’d have a LOT more skulls and bones in my collection by now if I had. 

Thinking of making a small documentary about death piles and how I’ve been tending to mine over the course of the past 8 months. I wish I’d thought to do this when I had the goat carcass in there, but it is virtually stripped of flesh by this point (note: I submitted it to the death pile just under 4 week ago!), so it wouldn’t make for a very exciting subject. The next carcass I get will hopefully provide a better study so I can document decomp from start to finish. 

I’d love to see it because my death pile smells awful.


Took my child for a walk today. She is as majestic and beautiful as ever.

Reblogging on here because look at my beautiful cat everyone she is such a great leash cat. 


Went for a walk

this is beautiful!

Anonymous said: If an animal isn't threatened no need to protect it. Hunters are some of the best conservationists out there and a large percentage of the cost of hunting license goes towards maintaining enough land for species to flourish a and ensuring those species are in large numbers. All in all a few shot birds isn't a huge deal.

Well yeah I agree. 

I am so damn confused why is a mourning dove under the MBTA when it’s a game bird. That doesn’t make sense. Turkey’s are not so whyyyyy

I didn’t ever look them up before because I just assumed they weren’t protected. I am so angry I hate this stupid law. I wish it just covered songbirds and birds of prey and obviously endangered species and stuff. And hummingbirds because they 2 cute.

It really sucks because I know for a fact the two dove skulls I have are doves that were killed during hunting season. They were shot and killed and never found. That happens a lot.


*me flirting*
So… Did you know raccoons have penis bones?



Mummified hare (or rabbit? it’s legs were huge so I’ll go for hare). Possibly my favourite find on our trip!

that is the collest shit ever i would just leave it mummified like that. the head at least. dayum.

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